• Swans D1080-IV

    Rich texture of low-frequency is the most advantage of Swans D1080 series. The woofer of M200MKIII which is strongly sought after by users is applied to the new generation of D1080-IV, this alone can be a glimpse of strong bass of D1080-IV.

  • Swans M200MKII

    Swans Classic Hi-end Multimedia Loudspeaker. Beautiful Sound As Beautiful They Looks.

  • HiFiMan RE-400 "WaterLine"

    A New Standard/Reference - HiFiMan once again proves that they set the bar for sub $100 in-ears in terms of performance

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Dheeraj Reddy
2012-10-17 19:54:30
"Kudos to HiFiNage for bringing these to India. Well wha"
Ajay John
2012-10-08 17:26:07
"These IEM's are possibly the best pair I have heard in "
Giridhar Kumar
2012-10-05 12:22:12
"Lovely earphones, I don't think it gets any better than"
Nishith Srivastava
2012-10-16 13:43:15
"Awesome IEM for just 2.5k. Lows and mids are perfect an"
Sumeet Gupta
2012-05-16 12:17:07
"Swans M200MKII, First Impressions - I was using Logitec"
Rajesh kumar J
2012-04-16 22:56:57
"I previously owned creative inspire speakers and was on"
Milan Sadaria
2012-04-16 16:49:21
"I bought F&D A520 speakers just two months back because"
aneesh kumar
2013-06-05 03:18:17
"When i opened the package and listened music with these"
Mounarshi Santra
2013-08-29 08:33:00
"Came across this particular set of iems in joker's thre"
2013-10-03 12:47:36
"I had been used to the sound of Creative EPs. But, late"
Joseph George
2013-10-29 19:21:40
"Alright.. There are not many reviews for the new versio"
T. Mathew
2013-10-31 03:42:02
"Good speakers overall. Very balanced. I did not get the"
2013-11-11 12:34:54
"Hail the new king RE-400! Delivering unprecedented sou"
2013-11-18 17:58:18
"Its an all rounder, superb sound quality, not too bass,"
Prashanth S
2013-12-01 11:04:26
"These are the best IEMs I've used so far. Great sound q"
Agasthya Suresh
2013-12-05 08:42:36
"*Keep in mind that this is my first neutral iem. All my"
2013-12-07 12:18:38
"Great sound with very detailed and nicely textured mid "
Ashish Agarwal
2014-01-18 01:04:08
"They are a good set of IEM's with a very good sound qua"
Harish Mohan
2014-02-17 14:08:11
"These speakers deliver some real good sound quality. Th"
Pradyumna Naik
2014-04-18 14:09:57
"M50W is by far the most musical 2.1 system that I have "
upendra bisen
2014-04-19 07:20:05
"The order was received well in time with a good packagi"
suresh subramanian
2014-04-22 12:18:00
"Fantastic clarity with good bass...detailing is excelle"
2014-05-15 06:18:30
"I am pretty surprised about the sound quality even out "
Shaunak Roy
2014-06-05 00:37:45
"Sound as we know is subjective and can vary from person"

2014-06-15 07:26:08
"Accessories: 2 bi flange tips, single tips, carrying po"
Anu Unni
2014-06-17 16:12:02
"Accessories: Bare bones, only essentials included. S,M,"
Arunkumar Bupathy
2014-07-14 05:57:04
"My first impression on listening to these was "wtf???" "
Pallab Das
2014-08-28 21:11:23
"Firat of all, many many thanx to hifinage for importing"
Avinash Bhanu
2014-09-06 06:04:46
"Breaking-in since last night, I just can't stop listeni"
Avinash Bhanu
2014-09-10 10:43:41
"Breaking-in since last night, I just can't stop listeni"
Agasthya Suresh
2014-10-16 17:17:09
"A big thank you to Hifinage for binging Vsonic to India"
Sajeesh syam A
2014-11-24 16:00:04
"Not an audio expert to review the speakers, only postin"

2015-01-02 06:02:09
"Really great sounding speakers. But two things to keep"
robin singh
2015-04-07 08:15:07
"I will keep it short and sweet for potential indian buy"
suresh subramanian
2015-04-14 09:32:34
"Absolutely Happy with the sound quality of VSONIC GR07 "
2015-04-27 11:36:47
"Best earphones in this price and service is good. I got"
Ashish Anand
2015-05-07 18:21:17
"Sound Quality is, in a word, awesome. Unbelievably cris"

2015-06-05 12:51:38
"Finally got my hands on VSD5, if you can't see the numb"

2015-06-29 05:19:57
"Bought these IEMs after reading the rave reviews in hea"
2015-07-13 03:46:35
"For 5k, this is the best sound I can get, but this prod"
2015-07-22 05:01:14
"Excellent service by hifinage, delivered product in one"
Anupam Samanta
2015-08-24 04:14:43
"Liked the sound, heard whole new instruments that were "
sohail abbas
2015-08-26 18:21:07
"Amazing earphones with excellent presentation...apt bas"

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Speakers arrow Swan (HiVi) arrow Swans M200MKIII

Swans M200MKIII

Rs. 27 366.00

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 With 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects.

Amplifier Type: Class AB


What's new about the M200MKIII one might ask? What isn't. Everything has been changed with the exception that the design still includes the same German fiber dome tweeter as previous revisions. From the new amplifier and driver designs to the solid cherry wood side panels and inscribed commemorative plaque on the back of the speaker, the special edition design is truly like a M200 on steroids .

A brand new long-throw 5 ¼" woofer was designed to take full advantage of the increased power output allowing for deeper bass and a broader dynamic. The amplifier was completely redesigned into a 4 channel amplifier bi-amping the tweeter / woofer in each cabinet separately while supplying twice as much power as the MKII with an impressive 120W RMS nominal power. The old crossover design was also completely removed in favor of an active filter design. To allow for easy connection of the 4 channel active filter design, a gold plated 4 wire cable has been included to connect the left and right channels together.

The end result is a M200 unlike any previous revisions. A true high-end active bookshelf / desktop speaker system unlike anything on the market today.

Specifications & Features

General Data  
Model HiVi M200MKIII
System Series 2.0 Professional active electron filter multimedia speaker system
Acoustic System  
System Type 2-way, 4th order active vented box speaker system
Drivers Configuration 5.25" mid range, 25mm dome tweeter
Frequency Range 53Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 87dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance 4Ω
Power Range 10-80W
Amplifiers System  
Rated Power 60W for single channel 120W for two channels
Active Crossover Frequency 1.8kHz
Bass Adjust ±3dB (100Hz)
Treble Adjust ±3dB (10KHz)
Separation >56dB
Signal-to-Noise >85dB
Distortion THD<0.1% ( 8Ω、10W )
Input sensitivity 680mV
Input impedance 32kΩ
Other Parameter  
Finished Matte black finish and solid wood side panels
Dimension (W×H×D) 192×335×270
Net Weight Active Speaker : 8.0Kg
Passive Speaker : 5.8Kg

Product Insights

 Breakdown of how Swans M200MKIII tweeter is made

Breakdown of how Swans M200MKIII tweeter is made.

Breakdown of how Swans M200MKIII mid-woofer is made

Breakdown of how Swans M200MKIII mid-woofer is made.


Designed by Swan's founder Frank Hale, each high-performance M200MkIII set is badged and serial-numbered.

Gold plated audio cable to ensure the quality of the transmission audio signal

Gold plated audio cable to ensure the quality of the transmission audio signal.

Swans M200MKIII - 1

The speaker surface of Swans M200MKIII is thinner than the previous version. The surface mesh is more refined, low wear and covered with a black nylon surface which can effecitively protect the speakers and keep sound attenuation to a minimum. Refined crude gain surface to shape Swans M200MKIII more elegantly and beautiful, therefore creating a full looming aura for Swans M200MKIII.

Swans M200MKIII - 2

Swans M200MKIII continues to use the same classic Swans M200 tweeter. It is one of the best tweeter of the audio field, known as the "King" of the treble in the audio industry.

Swans M200MKIII - 3 

Swans M200MKIII uses a re-designed mid-woofer has a more powerful magnectic ciruit design and suspension system which has a more generous and flexible fold ring with a larger central dust cap.

Swans M200MKIII - 4

At the back of the main speaker Swans M200MKIII, the heat sink alone weighs nearly 700 grams. Swans M200MKIII is able to power up to 120W RMS, therefore the heat sink is designed from the bottom to the top occupying 2/3 of the area of the back plate. Swans M200MKIII uses an active electronic crossover design, which provide users with a gold-plated integration interface for convenient connection.

Swans M200MKIII - 5

A new aerodynamically-tuned bass reflex vent tube extends the M200MkIII's bass output over previous models.

Swans M200MKIII - 6

Hivi Swans has specially developed the mid-woofer for Swans M200MKIII, which uses polypropylene composite diaphragm, which produces human voices to have a perfect natural sound.

Swans M200MKIII - 7

The ultimate sonic performance of a speaker depends on the tweeter. The tweeter of Swans M200MKIII is able to produce the beautiful flavor of human voices and instruments. The Swans M200MKIII tweeter is a comprehensive optimize design which its tone is sweet, delicate, transparent and has a size of 25mm.

Swans M200MKIII - 8

TL084C is Swans M200MKIII active electronic crossover circuit core components. TL084C is a high speed four channel amplifier. Swans M200MKIII active electronic crossover circuit uses 2 TL084C, and each chip is responsible for active filtering each channel's electronic frequency.

Swans M200MKIII electronic crossover preamp and tone circuit

Swans M200MKIII electronic crossover preamp and tone circuit

The Swans M200MKIII uses active filtering and bi-amplification to reach much higher performance levels than lesser designs

The Swans M200MKIII uses active filtering and bi-amplification to reach much higher performance levels than lesser designs.

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